Forthcoming events

19th November 2021

1:00 pm – Talk by Professor Carola Hieker

Welcome to the 4th of our talks as part of the 2021-2022 WRC/School of Business lecture series. This session is offered by Carola Hieker and Chaired by Inma Ramos. The topic, and a short description, plus the meeting link all appear below.

‘The Future of Leadership Development. Disruption and the Impact of Megatrends’


Leadership development aims to disrupt leaders’ behaviour and thought patterns. However, for many decades leadership development has not changed significantly: nobody seems to be disrupting the disrupters.

Based on her industry expertise and on interviews with HR professionals Carola will critically reflect on the future of leadership development and what is missing in traditional approaches. She will give practical recommendations for how leadership development needs to change to support leaders as they navigate a volatile and uncertain world.
This talk is based on the Carola’s and John Pringles’s research which is published in their book ‘The Future of Leadership Development’ published with Palgrave in November 2020.
Meeting link here: