Welcome to the Wellbeing Research Centre’s* blog, operating under its own dedicated web address: www.wellbeingcreates.org

The main purpose of this blog is to provide a platform through which the activities of the Wellbeing Research Centrer (WRC) at Richmond University can be promoted. The WRC was set up during academic year 2013-4 in order to encourage discussion and debate on all matters relating to wellbeing research, with wellbeing defined quite broadly. A particular interest of the blog is the dissemination and discussion of issues relating to relationships between wellbeing and the economic condition.

Please visit this site for updates on forthcoming activities relating to research on wellbeing, and related issues, promoted by the WRC.

The WRC’s membership consists of Parviz Dabir-Alai ([email protected]), Nicola Mann ([email protected]), David Munyinyi ([email protected]), Nastaran Norouzi ([email protected]), and Sabine Spangenberg ([email protected])

* The Cluster became a Centre in September 2016.

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