Workshop on ‘Development and wellbeing’ – June 2014

School of Business & Economics at Richmond University hosted a workshop with the theme of ‘development and wellbeing’ in June 6th 2014. This was an all day event held on the Richmond Hill campus of the University.

Keynote address: Peter Grant (former Head of International Department at DFID)

Papers were presented by: Robert Read (Lancaster), Nick Wilkinson (Richmond), Mike Keating (Richmond), Ali Shamsavari (Kingston), Sabine Spangenberg (Richmond), and Tamara Trafton (Quest).



2 thoughts on “Workshop on ‘Development and wellbeing’ – June 2014

  1. Prof. Mak Arvin

    The workshop is well-timed. I found the ideas in “The Handbook on the Economics of Happiness” by Luigino Bruni and Pier Luigi Porta very useful from a philosophical and historical point of view, pertinent to the theme of the workshop. I look forward to seeing some of the papers that are going to be presented at this workshop.

  2. Parviz Dabir-Alai Post author

    Just a brief note to thank Peter Grant, Sabine Spangenberg, Robert Read, Bruce Sheppy, Tamara Trafton, Mike Keating, Nick Wilkinson and Ali Shamsavari for their presentations at the June 6th Workshop. Much food for thought on a whole host of issues! Summaries/abstracts of these will appear soon.


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