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‘What should we (not) expect of central banks?’ – a Public Lecture by Professor Paul Fisher, October 5th 2016

On October 5th 2016 Professor Paul Fisher delivered a lecture on the theme of central banking capabilities to a group of around 30 students and faculty at the Richmond Business School in Kensington, London. During the talk Paul focused on 3 inter-linked issues:
  1. what can central banks achieve (and not achieve) in policy terms?
  2. expectations of what central banks can use their balance sheet for.
  3. expectations on economic forecasts.

The talk was followed by a lively question and answer session. Please click this link to access the slides used for this talk:What-not-to-expect-from-central-banks. Details on how to access the full paper will be released soon.

Paul Fisher is a Visiting Professor of Finance and Economics at Richmond University. He is also a recent member of the Bank of England’s influential Monetary Policy Committee. Paul’s other affiliations include:

Chair, London Bullion Market Association
Chair, London Institute of Banking and Finance
Senior Associate, Cambridge University Institute for Sustainability Leadership